Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose my cannon?

First, you need to determine whether you will be indoors or outdoors.  If indoors, you can choose from paper and metallic confetti and streamers.  If outdoors, only paper products and coloured powder should  be used.   Next, you need to choose how far you want the confetti/streamers to shoot, and choose either the medium cannon, or the large cannon. Lastly, choose the colour you like most, checkout your shopping cart, and we’ll handle the rest!

How do I get a multi-buy discount?

Whenever you add more than one of the same type of item to your cart, a discount will be automatically applied.

How do I use my cannon?

Our handheld cannons are twist operated, please see instructions here.

Please ensure you have a plan for clean-up before using your cannon!

Will the confetti stain my clothes?

 Our materials are colourfast and will not leak colour. We do reccomend cleaning up though!

How far will my confetti fly?

The medium confetti cannon will launch confetti up to a maximum of approx. 6 metres, while the large version will launch to maximum of approx. 12 metres.

How far will my streamers fly?

The medium streamer cannon will launch streamers up to a maximum of approx. 12 metres, while the large version will launch to maximum of approx. 20 metres.

Can I use my confetti/streamers outdoors?

Only the cannons filled with tissue or biofetti material can be used outdoors, and metallic limited to indoors.

How many colours can I mix in a custom cannon?

You can choose a maximum of 2 colours per cannon for confetti, and 2 colours per cannon for streamers.  Colour powder is only available in a single colour per cannon.  Please choose ‘custom’ colour when ordering , and let us know at checkout which colours you would like.

Can I mix different cannon sizes and types in my order?

Definitely! Just choose the cannons you like and we’ll handle the rest.

Will the confetti or streamers burn?

The materials are fire retardant material, so they will not continue to burn if accidentally too close to a heat source.

How long will it take to receive my cannons?

The goods leave us next business day provided the order is placed by 2pm.  It then takes approx 2-10 business days, depending on your location.  Look out for the shipping calculator in the cart or at checkout to give you an estimated delivery time based on your location and chosen courier service.  Please keep your tracking number handy to locate your order once shipped.  Shippers are under high demand due to the current COVID-19 challenges, so there may be unexpected delays.  Due to the COVID-19 restrictions across several states combined with record parcel volumes, couriers are currently struggling to meet delivery deadlines which is causing delays across all shipping types. We highly recommend you make yourself aware of new updates in relation to Couriers Please and TNT parcel deliveries and we apologise for any inconvenience.

What if my cannon is damaged?

If your cannon has suffered any damage such as deformation of the tube, leaking contents, or water damage, you should not use the cannon.  If damaged has occurred during shipping, please send a photo of the damage and the packaging to and quote your order number.

How do I dispose of my used cannons?

Used cannons can be thrown into regular domestic waste bins.  Please consider our environment when using confetti cannons.

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